Monday, 5 November 2007

Cape Town Search Engine Optimisation

Can't find your website on Google for your targeted keyphrases? Tired of paying to have your website in Google's sponsored listings? You need to have your SEO done professionally. That way, you will get page one listings for your targeted keyphrases without paying Google.

We have a 9 out of 10 success record, and if your site is not on page one of Google your SEO leaves a lot to be desired, and it's a shame to waste your site's potential. Your site will never get good listings if its current SEO has faults that Google will penalise diligently.

We are specialists in website optimisation, where specialisation is vital to get the best listings. Everyone wants their site listed on page one of Google, Yahoo and MSN, such listings bring masses of free, targeted traffic, and no other form of marketing may be necessary if you get the right listings for the top keywords pertaining to your products/services.

Our SEO experts keep up to date with all the latest trends through specialised software and research to ensure that their clients get the best listings possible. Once a website is optimised and has sufficient Page Rank to attain good positions, little maintenance is necessary, only a periodic update of the pages to ensure that they conforms with any new algorithms, which change periodically.

We have never failed to get a good number of top keywords on page one of Google, which is our prime target. This is the best form of free advertising you can get. Publishing a website on the world wide web is like putting a 'for sale' sign in your living room window. Only people who happen to wander past and glance at it will ever see it. You need to take your web site into the hub of internet activity, where everyone is out shopping, and for that, you need a good SEO partner.

What We Do

Research Keywords
We find the key words and phrases which people are looking for with regards to your product/service/topic(s).

Add Meta Tags
We encode these key words into your site’s pages in the correct frequency, and in the places that they should be.

Optimise Pages
Using specialised software, the pages are checked to ensure that they meet the algorithms currently being used.

Links Pages
Google places a lot of importance on the number of sites which link to yours. Pages of reciprocal links will boost your site’s ranking.

Link Exchange Page
To encourage other sites to link to yours, we make it easy with a page that provides webmasters with the code for a text link to place on their sites.

Optimised Text
In order to get good Google Page Rank and listings, it is necessary that a website have a good amount of optimised text on each page, containing the correct keywords and phrases in the correct places and frequency to appeal to the search engines. We will write this text for you too!

We hope to hear from you soon!